Ready to take the Pathways to Independence Course?

Simply click the button below to enter your details and tick the ‘Apply For Pathways’ box. We’ll reach out to you with information on the next course. If you decide to sign up, we will then send you a Service Agreement that needs your signature. Remember, the Pathways Program welcomes all individuals with a mild intellectual disability, even if they’re not considering Project Independence as a residential option. Here is what some of our past attendees had to say about Pathways:

  • “I thought it helped me to be more confident about moving forward and to living more independently. I enjoyed meeting everyone in the group.”

  • “I learnt that it is important to speak to people if you have a problem. I also learnt about having good relationships and that I need to be careful.”

  • “I learnt about avoiding conflict, compromising, and collaborating. The best approach is collaborating because everyone’s needs are met.”

  • “I would recommend the program to others. It has definitely helped me as I moved toward having more independence. I think it would help others too.”