Are you passionate about making a difference for people with an intellectual disability? Fundraising is a great way that you can support Project Independence and make a difference to those with an intellectual disability. There are many ways that you can fundraise…

Fundraise your way

Are you great at throwing parties? Get-togethers? Walking, swimming or riding many kilometers in a row? Holding a bake sale or barbeque? What about an event at school?

If so, you sound like the perfect person to fundraise for Project Independence!
Any opportunity can be used to fundraise, the choice is yours! Be creative, have some fun and we will endeavor to support your fundraiser any way we can.

Need some inspiration on how you can raise money for Project Independence? Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  • Dress-up or Dress-down day
  • Bake Sale
  • Morning or afternoon tea
  • Lemonade, jewellery or card stand
  • Karaoke or movie night
  • Themed party
  • Sporting competition or fun run
  • Raffle
  • Treasure hunt
  • Garage Sale

Sign up here for your personalised online fundraising page.


Fundraise in celebration or in memory

Ask your friends or family to donate to Project Independence in lieu of gifts for your celebration or commiseration.

Weather it is your birthday, wedding, in memory or another memorable occasion, it’s easy to setup a personalised fundraising page and ask your close ones to donate to Project Independence.

Plus your generous gesture and the support from your family and friends will ensure your occasion is a memorable for all!



If you are doing an online fundraiser, any of the links about will help you create your own personalised fundraising page, donations will go straight to Project Independence.

If you are holding an event, please reach out to us and let us know about your event, we can issue you will an authority to fundraise and some information on how you can get your funds to us.

Not at all, fundraise however you like. If you hold an in-person fundraiser, we can arrange for the funds you raised to be dropped off to us.

Thank you for fundraising for Project Independence and making a difference to disadvantaged people! Please contact the fundraising team to discuss the best way to get your donations to us.

Absolutely! The examples given are just suggestions. You are more than welcome to fundraise in a different way, provided it is within the values of Project Independence.


Please contact us
[email protected] or 02 6203 9500