Through the Workplace Giving program, you can nominate Project Independence as the charity that you support and help more people with an intellectual disability achieve the safety and security of home ownership.

What is Workplace Giving?
Workplace giving is when employees make small, regular donations from their pre-tax pay. It’s simple, low cost and extremely effective. You can also boost the impact of your WPG program through donation matching, fundraising, volunteering, skill sharing and in-kind support.

Why Workplace Giving?
It’s a win-win-win for business, employees & charities:
  • You enjoy greater staff engagement, retention, productivity, reputation and social impact.
  • Your staff give in a smarter way and build a sense of pride in their employer.
  • Charities get low-cost, regular funds, access to valuable skills and strong partnerships.

How do I start?
The steps are easy:
  1. Ask your employer about joining their Workplace Giving program.
  2. Nominate Project Independence as your chosen charity for your contributions.
  3. Select the amount you would like to donate and the frequency that you would like it to occur.

Once you have set up Workplace Giving through your payroll, you’ll hardly notice the deductions, but they will mean the world to Project Independence and the people we support.


Your donation will enable us to continue to build and provide housing for people with an intellectual disability.

Contact the payroll officer or community engagement manager at your workplace and they will be able to advise you.

Please email your payroll officer or Community Engagement Manager and include us at [email protected]. We can provide them with information about how to set this up. Alternatively, you can set up a regular donation with Project Independence.

There is no set amount. Every donation makes such an incredible difference to people living with an intellectual disability.


Please contact us
[email protected] or 02 6203 9500